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There's a whole mess of incredible sandwiches on sale at Goldbelly

You want lobstah rolls? They got lobstah rolls.


Everyone's got a favorite sandwich and some of the best in the land are 30% off right now at Goldbelly. We're talking cheesesteaks from Pat's in Philly (12 for $169), Lobster rolls from Beal's in South Harbor, Maine (four rolls for $139) and even a complete Kosher deli dinner with pastrami sandwiches and matzoh ball soup from Liebman's in the Bronx (serves two to four; $99). Or how about a kit to make eight full Italian beef sandwiches from Buono's in Chicago for $79? It's Goldbelly's annual regional sandwich sale and it includes deals on some of the most iconic handheld meals from a smattering of the best food cities in the U.S. 

Thinking it's a strange idea to order sandwiches online? Goldbelly has packing and sending gourmet food down to a science. I've ordered cakes and full barbecue dinners from Goldbelly and they all arrived fresh with meticulous instructions on how to heat or prepare them. Some of these sandwiches are already prepared such as the famous Muffuletta's from Central Grocery in New Orleans, but most are sandwiches kits so you'll put them together yourself. 

Shop the full sale here and invite a few pals over for the ultimate summer sandwich soiree.

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