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Refurbished iPhones Are Available at Steep Discounts Today, Starting at $330

Whether you're in the market for an affordable upgrade for your aging iPhone or you just want to pick up a spare device, this sale has got you covered.

Rear view of purple iPhone 12
Sarah Tew/CNET

Apple makes some of the best devices on the market, which is why its latest iPhone tends to take top spot on our list of the best phones to buy each year. Apple devices aren't cheap, though, so it can be an expensive endeavor trying to ensure you have a recent model in your pocket. If you want an inexpensive upgrade, going for a preowned iPhone is often the best route, and Woot has a massive selection of refurbished iPhones on sale today to help you do just that. The one-day sale features recent models from the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 series at huge discounts versus buying brand new at Apple. 

All the devices you'll find at this sale are listed as Scratch & Dent refurbs. According to Woot, that means they will exhibit moderate level of wear and tear but, outside of their physical appearance, they have been tested to ensure they are in full working condition.

With 5G capabilities, an OLED display and Apple's A14 Bionic chip, the iPhone 12 is still an excellent phone that's more than sufficient for most users. It's a great value starting at just $470, which is $229 less than buying new from Apple directly. The Pro Max version with its fancier camera hardware and larger display is also included in the sale from $780.

If you want to spend a little less, 2019's iPhone 11 is a more affordable pick with prices starting at only $330 for the 64GB model. That's $169 less than what Apple charges for a new iPhone 11 with the same capacity. Though it's no longer the newest model, the iPhone 11 will still get iOS 16 when it's released this fall, and it's a solid upgrade for anyone that's been holding on to their iPhone 8 for a little too long. The iPhone 11 Pro Max variant is also on sale at $520 if you want the larger 6.5-inch display and more advanced cameras. 

This Woot sale expires tonight at 9:59 p.m. PT (12:59 a.m. ET), or when these refurbished models sell out, so we recommend acting sooner rather than later. Since Woot is owned by Amazon, Prime members can score free shipping at the site.

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