Put a colorful weather station on your wall with La Crosse Color Forecast Station for $29

Alexa can read you the forecast, but this detailed weather display turns weather into high-tech art.

Dave Johnson
La Crosse

When the robots someday dig through the rubble of our civilization to figure out what made us different than chimps and bonobos, they'll no doubt conclude it was somehow related to our species' obsession with the weather. You can already get a weather forecast on your phone, tablet and watch, as well as ask Alexa , Bixby, Siri or Google to read it to you. So why would you want a standalone weather display that you can hang on the wall or stand on a tabletop? Because it's gorgeous. The La Crosse Technology S84107 Wireless Color Forecast Station, which right now is selling for $29 at Walmart , is for weather geeks who love seeing hyper-local weather details in a cool digital display. La Crosse sells the station regularly for $50, and the price tends to hover around $38 at online retailers, so this deal can currently save you a few dollars.

The station displays information like temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, which it synthesizes into forecast data in large, colorful text and graphics. It works in conjunction with a wireless temperature and humidity sensor that you mount outdoors, such as in your backyard. It also automatically updates the time wirelessly from an atomic clock. 

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