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Protect your new Galaxy S22 with one of these cases for as little as $9 today

There are a few options available for each phone, so be sure to check them out now!

Photos by ESR/Composite by Jared DiPane/CNET

Samsung has finally made its Galaxy S22 lineup official, and if you've already preordered one of the new phones, you may be looking for a case to keep it in. There are sure to be tons of cases available for these phones, some made by Samsung and a ton made by other companies. While not everyone likes cases, they can be quite useful in keeping your phone protected and they may even add some functionality, like the ones below. 

While supplies last, you can get a new Galaxy S22 case from ESR for as little as just $9 when you use the coupon code YZBS68FF and clip the on-page coupon for any of the options listed below.

Galaxy S22 / Galaxy S22 Plus:

Galaxy S22 Ultra:

The metal kickstand can be used in both portrait and landscape mode, giving you an easy way to prop your phone up for watching movies, video calls and more. The camera protectors are a great way to make sure that your new glass doesn't get damaged so that you can take amazing pictures for years to come.