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Prime Day Deal: My Favorite Ice Cream Maker Is at an All-Time Low

I tried (and loved) Ninja's ice cream maker last year. The Creami is on sale for Prime Day right now, and it's never been cheaper.


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Making ice cream at home never really appealed to me all that much... until I got my hands on the Ninja Creami last year and had just the best time concocting my own ice cream, sorbet, gelato and milkshakes. You can read my full review and then pick one up for yourself at Amazon for the all-time low price of $130. That's a full $70 off the current sticker price and $100 off its original price. 

The Creami has distinct advantages over other ice cream makers and is no bigger than your average coffee maker. It's also super kid-friendly, making it a great weekend eats project for the family, especially during these warm weather months.

With most ice-cream makers, you can only make one flavor at a time since they use a frozen inner bowl to churn the stuff, and that bowl must be refrozen in order to make another batch. The Ninja Creami relies on freezing the base of the ice cream itself and then churning it with a high-powered blender-like function (although this is not a blender so don't use it that way), to create perfectly creamy sorbets, ice creams and gelato.

I made classic ice creams as well as some nondairy creations, fresh fruit sorbets and one using my favorite sugar alternatives. They all came out extremely smooth and delicious. I'd purport that the normal price of $200 to $230 is a bit steep for this machine. But $130, its current price at Amazon, is very attractive for a fun and easy-to-use ice-cream maker.

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