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Save $36 on a portable ice maker and let the good times roll (Update: Expired)

Ice, ice, baby.


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"Can someone run out and grab some more ice?" is something you've probably said before, but is something you'll never have to say again when you score a portable ice maker for such as this Insignia portable ice maker. It happens to be on sale at Best Buy for just $90 -- down $36 from the normal price.

The ice maker makes two different sizes of pellet ice, churns out as much as 26 pounds of it in a day and holds as much as 1.5 pounds of frozen water goodness at any given time. Insignia is a Best Buy-only brand so we can't compare notes but the reviews we did sport though are solid. If you're a serial host or just like having lots of extra ice on hand for any reason, this is about as low as you'll see an ice maker drop.

A larger portable Insignia ice maker -- 33 pounds to be exact -- is also on sale, down to $140 during the quickie sale.

Happy almost summer, ya'll!

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