Not every Starbucks store will reopen soon. How to get coffee where you live

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson mapped out a plan for eventually reopening cafes to foot traffic. Here's what you need to know.

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Uber Eats is one delivery option.


On Thursday, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson shared a letter with Starbucks employees about the coffee chain's plans to reopen its US cafes, after closing them to foot traffic in mid-March as a response to the coronavirus outbreak. Starbucks had closed stores in other affected countries, too. 
Although US Starbucks cafes will remain closed through at least May 3, the chain may reopen individual retail locations on a case-by-case basis. "As we have experienced in China, we are now transitioning to a new phase that can best be described as "monitor and adapt," Johnson said, emphasizing that the company will work with local officials to determine when the time is right to open doors on a case-by-case basis.

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When they do, it may not be business as usual. Some Starbucks stores might reopen for to-go orders that you can pick up in person, others may stick with delivery only or a drive-thru model for the time being (we show you how to find them below). If you do go the delivery route, remember to tip your driver well. And if you want to try something new in between Starbucks fixes, here's how to make dalgona coffee at home (the latest coffee sensation) and how you can roast your own beans.

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You don't have to kick your frappuccino habit yet.

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Starbucks drive-thru windows

While you can't walk into a Starbucks store to order or pick up your drink, you can get it from a location with a drive-thru window. Roughly 60% of all Starbucks stores in the US have a drive-thru option, according to a company representative. 

You can either order ahead on your phone's Starbucks app or order when you get to the drive-thru. 

To find out where your closest Starbucks Drive-Thru location is, consult the store locator website, which will zero in on your location, or search the Starbucks app. Once you open the app, tap Stores, then Filter (in the top right corner), and select Drive-Thru. Then tap Show stores.

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Delivery apps and services

In January, Starbucks announced a partnership with Uber Eats to bring delivery to 49 markets across 33 US states. There's even a dedicated Starbucks minisite within UberEats.com where you can check if delivery exists in your location.

Here are some delivery sites that will bring Starbucks menu items to your doorstep. You'll need to check your area for eligibility and delivery fees may apply. During the coronavirus outbreak, we recommend tipping your delivery driver more.

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Find the exceptions to the rule

Although most of the country's Starbucks coffee shops are closing, a smattering of shops will remain open. "Some exceptions will be made for those cafes serving in or around hospitals and health care centers in our efforts to serve first responders and health care workers," Starbucks said in a statement.

Remember that if you do leave the house during the coronavirus crisis, take these 13 practical precautions to help avoid the virus. Stay up to date on the latest news through phone alerts and keep yourself from feeling lonely with these ways to connect with community while you're staying at home.

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