A high-powered Ninja blender is on sale at Best Buy and Amazon today

This top-rated addition to your kitchen arsenal is priced at just $70.

Rainbow layer cake
Rainbow layer cake
Chowhound staff
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Chowhound staff

Looking to crush it with a healthier routine this fall? Start by crushing the ice you'll be putting into your favorite smoothies. Right now a highly rated blender -- the Ninja Smart Screen -- is on sale for $70 at Amazon. Note that CNET may get a share of the revenue if you buy anything featured on our site.

If you prefer to shop at Best Buy, the big-box store has it for the same price:

The popular 1,000-watt blender offers something called "total crushing power" for ice and frozen fruit, which should help you avoid crunching unblended chunks and hurting your teeth. The 72-ounce container is big enough for most kitchen blending jobs. You can use it for a fast weeknight soup for the family or make sauces to bottle and freeze. And don't forget the occasional (daily) batch of frozen cocktails. 

The oddly named Smart Screen usually sells for around $100, so this $70 deal is solid. Both Amazon and Best Buy offer free shipping for the unit.

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