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My Favorite 'Cheap' Motorola Phone Is on Sale for $240 on Amazon Prime Day

Don't drop a grand on a new phone when this affordable phone can do pretty much anything you need.

This story is part of Amazon Prime Day, CNET's guide to everything you need to know and how to find the best deals.

While premium phones like the iPhone 13 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra easily cost $1,000 or more, you can save hundreds by getting a "budget" phone instead. These phones are designed to be affordable but also provide all the daily essentials you need. One of my favorite budget phones, the Motorola One Ace 5G, gets a lower price as part of Amazon Prime Day. The normally $400 phone is on sale for $240.

The Motorola One 5G Ace is great for someone looking for a capable phone with a long battery life and a big screen. Like any affordable phone, it lacks high-end cameras, though I found the main rear camera plenty capable in most everyday situations.

The Ace has a Snapdragon 750G 5G chip and 6GB of RAM. But perhaps the best feature, aside from its low price, is a 5,000-mAh battery, which in my testing got through a day and a half no problem, and often made it through two days on a single charge. There are phones that cost two or three times as much as the Ace and don't last anywhere near as long. I loved it in my full review last year.

But the Ace isn't Motorola's only phone getting a big discount. These deals are equally as good:

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