Microsoft Surface Headphones are $150 off

Discounted to $200, Microsoft's high-tech noise-canceling headphones are more tempting.

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Microsoft's Surface Headphones are available in only one color.

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When I reviewed them back in late 2018, I thought Microsoft's Surface Headphones were very good noise-canceling headphones, but I gave them a 3.5-star rating partially because they cost a little too much when compared with highly regarded competing products from Bose and Sony . However, now that they're being discounted to to $200, they're a more attractive option, particularly if you're Windows user working at home these days. They do offer good compatibility with Windows 10 computers and are strong for voice calling (you can switch back and forth between your PC and a smartphone).  You can read my full review here.

Last October, Microsoft announced its true wireless Surface Earbuds, but then delayed their release until spring of this year. The company could also release a second-generation version of this full-size noise-canceling headphone this year.

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