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Master the Basics of Music for Hundreds Less With This $34 All-in-One Training Bundle

Learn everything from basic cord structure to musical composition and marketing your sound with this one-day deal at Stack Social.

© Eugenio Marongiu, Getty Images/Cultura RF

Have you always wanted to learn an instrument, but you weren't quite sure where or how to start? Between the technical skills and music theory essentials you'll have to master, it can be a daunting task. But you don't need a stack of dense theory books or expensive private lessons to help you get started. Online courses are an accessible and affordable alternative that can help taking up a new instrument feel much less intimidating and, today only, Stack Social has a great all-in-one musician training bundle on sale for $34 -- hundreds less than you'd pay by signing up for each course individually. 

Totaling over 50 hours of content, this eight-course bundle breaks up the music learning basics into over 500 individual, approachable lessons. To get started, there are multiple courses dedicated to helping you master the basic technical skills on piano and guitar such as scales, chords and how to read music. To help you develop a stronger understanding of what you're learning and how to actually use those skills, there are several courses dedicated to music theory, song writing and composition. And if you're hoping to use your music as more than a hobby, there is a course about how to market your sound and find an audience.