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Liven up your next party with this huge Jackbox Games bundle for $12

You get over 20 games in all, plus you support a worthwhile cause. Win-win! Plus: a collapsible backpack for only $7.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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These are just a few of the titles included in Humble's mammoth Jackbox Games bundle.


Did you encounter some frustration with yesterday's deals? Scroll down for an update and explanation.

Calling all fans of game night! (The actual thing, not the eponymous movie -- though I have to say, Game Night, the movie, was hilarious. Highly recommended.) Gather up some friends and/or family for today's do-not-miss deal.

For a limited time, you can get the entire Humble Jackbox Party Bundle for $12. There are lower tiers with pay-what-you-want options and all that, but trust me: Just pony up and get the whole thing.

The bundle includes three Jackbox Party Packs (each containing five games), a smattering of You Don't Know Jack games, Drawful 2, Fibbage XL and my personal favorite, Quiplash. There appears to be a bit of overlap from the Party Packs, but I believe you're getting around 20 different games.

And what fun games they are. Quiplash alone is, in my humble opinion, worth the price of admission. (It normally runs $10 all by itself.) It's suitable for groups large and small, and even onlookers can participate without actually playing. I've played it with four different groups of friends/family, and each time there was non-stop uproarious laughter.

You'll get Steam licenses (most for Windows and Mac, but a few are just Windows) for each title, meaning that if you want to play on a TV -- definitely the best option for these titles, though gathering around a laptop is fine if you have a smaller group -- you'll need a wired or wireless connection from your PC.

The simplest option: Just run an HDMI cable from your laptop. The cooler option: Buy a Steam Link. (I'm kicking myself so hard for not grabbing one back in June when it was just $2.50. Best option right now is eBay, where they're selling for around $30.)

As with other Humble Bundles, this one has a charitable component: You can divert a portion of your $12 to Whale and Dolphin Conservation (click Choose where your money goes to modify the ratio) or opt for a different charity if you prefer.

Love this deal. Love it. Bought it. Now to schedule our next game night. Anybody want to come over? 😉


This backpack carries itself well. Eh? Eh? Come on... that's gold!


Bonus deal: It's not a tech product, per se, but it's something nearly everyone can use: a backpack/day-pack that collapses down for easy storage.

Especially at this price: For a limited time, and while supplies last (I'm told seller Ecoo has around 500 in stock), you can get the EcooPro Lightweight & Foldable Backpack is $7.44 with promo code RTU3VNFD. Regular price: $14.88.

This nylon backpack is a full-size real deal, with various zippered pockets and a water-bottle pouch on the side. What's nice is that it squishes down to become a fairly compact little bag, one that's easy to store or just bring along for day-trips.

Reviews: 4.3 stars from over 130 buyers, and those ratings pass muster, according to Fakespot and ReviewMeta. For $7, how can you go wrong?

Housekeeping: A quick note regarding yesterday's air-fryer and smart-plug deals: It's not uncommon for multiple third-party vendors to sell the same exact product via Amazon . When one vendor runs out of inventory, you may still see the product as "in stock" because Amazon is now listing it from a different seller.

However, that seller often has a different (and higher) price. What's more, any discount code I've shared with you will no longer work, because it was offered only by that first seller.

This isn't some kind of bait-and-switch or other con; it's just the occasionally frustrating nature of Amazon and the way it sells certain products. But I do apologize for those times when you're amped up to buy something but can't because the code doesn't work or the deal has ended.

Good news, though: There's nearly always a similar deal just around the corner.

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