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This Cheap Google Nest Wi-Fi System Will Save You From Bad Connections and Dead Spots

Save up to 45% right now on this Wi-Fi system from Google.

Hannah Baldwin Contributor
Hannah Baldwin is a Deals and Updates Writer for CNET's Commerce Team. After graduating from ASU with a Bachelor of Arts in sustainability, Hannah worked in nonprofit sustainability outreach, and now enjoys helping people find great deals on products, while sharing her own recommendations. In her spare time, you can find her working on sewing and craft projects, tending to her chickens, bingeing new shows with her husband and playing tabletop games with friends.
Hannah Baldwin

Google Nest Wifi Router and Point


Tired of your Wi-Fi not reaching everywhere in your house? The Nest Wifi Package can help with that. The Nest system provides Wi-Fi to your whole home and allows you to walk from room to room with uninterrupted service. You can even stream videos in 4K, on multiple devices at the same time. You can set up Nest Wifi in minutes with the Google Home app and it's compatible with most internet service providers. And right now you can save up to 45% off on a the package at Amazon. 

Choose the package thats right for your home. At Amazon, you can get one Nest router and up to two access point Wi-Fi extenders. A three-pack is only $199 right now (originally $349) and it covers up to 5,400 square feet. But if you don't need that much coverage, each point and router are available for individual purchase. 

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Each point has a built-in smart speaker that is equipped with Google Assistant. Use your Google Assistant to play music, manage your Wi-Fi network, and control connected devices within your home. Don't need Google Assistant? Simply turn off the microphone using the switch on the back of the point. The point will no longer listen or respond, but you can still use it as a speaker through casting or Bluetooth. Parental controls are also included with the Nest system. You can set a time-limit for your kids, restrict websites and explicit content, and pause Wi-Fi on any device at anytime. 

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