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Last day to save on learning about your dog's DNA with discounted testing kits from Embark

Save big on genetic testing kits for your dogs and find out about your pup's ancestry, traits and more.

The holidays are nearly here, and while you're getting everything on your list ready for your loved ones, Chewy and Embark are offering the perfect gift for man's best friend. While you should definitely spoil your pets with toys and treats this season, it may also be time to start planning for their future. Get all your critter questions answered with Embark's DNA testing kits for dogs without breaking the bank. Their kits are marked down through Dec. 16, making today the last day you can snag these big discounts.

Whether you're a pet parent or you want to give one of these kits to someone who is, these DNA tests take the guesswork out of your dog's genetic history, which can be even more difficult to trace when they're a rescue. Your results will give you everything you need to know about your pup's pedigree. More important than that, though, is what it can tell you about your pet's future. Knowing about problems your pet might be predisposed to, and at high risk of developing, could help you do everything in your power to protect your furry friend as they grow with you. We all want what's best for our pups, so take advantage of the $64 savings today. 

Also, if you order from Embark using code DOGGONE, you qualify for free shipping, and can still get the testing kits in time for Christmas, making it a solid last-minute gift for all the dog owners in your life. Here's a rundown of the three different kits available.


All it takes is a cheek swab, and this DNA test kit will analyze over 200,000 genetic markers, giving you access to information like their breed type and family trees. It will also screen for over 210 genetic health risks, including glaucoma, MDR1 drug sensitivity, degenerative myelopathy and many other common adult-onset diseases -- giving you the opportunity to plan for appropriate preventive care. Results return in two to four weeks and can be shared with your veterinarian. Suitable for dogs of all sizes, this kit uses a research-grade genotyping platform that was created with Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine, so you can trust the science behind the testing kit. 

This kit is also available through Embark with code DOGGONE at checkout and includes free shipping.


Take a cheek swab and learn about the precise breed makeup of your dog as well as information about their ancestry. The kit analyzes over 200,000 genetic markers, screens for over 350 breeds and is suitable for dogs of all sizes. Expect results in two to four weeks. 

This kit is also available through Embark with code DOGGONE at checkout and includes free shipping.


Similar to the DNA test above, this purebred kit focuses on screening for over 210 health risks and measures genetic diversity. The difference is that if your dog is purebred, this kit provides even more actionable insights that will help give your dog the best possible care. It works the same way, with just a simple cheek swab, and the results are easily shared with your veterinarian. Additionally, if you do get an unexpected health result, you can consult with veterinary geneticists. 

Like the others, in order to unlock this deal you must enter code DOGGONE at checkout.