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Lather Up With All-New Body Buffers From Spongellé for 30% Off

Nab the best-smelling body buffers, hand creams, body lotions and more during this Fourth of July sale.

Spongelle body butter set on a green background

To celebrate the Fourth of July this Monday, my favorite fancy sponge retailer Spongellé has a new deal through July 4 that takes 30% off all new arrivals sitewide using the offer code NEWJULY.

There are plenty of brands that offer body care, but Spongellé is different. Its body buffers are four-in-one products: body wash, loofah, exfoliator and moisturizer. Plus, each infused body buffer has an expiration date, so you'll know how long it's good for. And considering that the traditional loofah needs body wash to use it, having one already infused makes every shower a little bit easier. 

During this sale all new body buffers, body wash and now, Spongellé diffusers are all available in scents for women and men. If you take the 30% off into account, the most affordable item you can use on your body is the Sugar Dahlia heart buffer that was originally $12, slashed to the low price of $4. The most expensive product is this $78 Private Reserve eau de toilette assorted pack with eight aromas that's as fragrant as the buffers and lotion.

Word of advice while you're shopping: Spongellé is notorious for its products selling out, especially its most popular choices. So, if you're looking for a combination of convenience, aromatherapy and a refreshing shower experience all in one, check out these body buffers today.

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