Last-minute Christmas deal fest: Xbox, PlayStation, movies, phones and more

Heck, I even threw in a desk.

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Save $100 on this bundle and score $30-40 in Kohl's cash while you're at it.


Good morning, cheeps! (For those not in the know, that's my portmanteau for "cheap" + "peeps." People who love saving money are "cheeps.")

Welcome to my last official deal post for 2018. You'll see other articles from me next week -- new and old alike -- but it's all set up in advance so I can enjoy some time off with the family.

Speaking of which, let me wish those of you who celebrate it a merry Christmas, and wish all of you a safe, happy, healthy and peaceful new year. 💗💗💗 See you back here on Jan. 2!

Until then, I give you my last batch of deals. These are in no particular order; they're just items that have been piling up on my desk -- virtually speaking -- the last couple days. Oh, and if you're hoping to snag a last-minute gift, Best Buy has a ton of stuff on sale (including lots of Apple products) that you should be able to pick up in store.

Last-minute Christmas gift ideas

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Three months of Mint Mobile for $20 (save $40). Time is running out to snag this deal, which basically nets you three months for the price of one. Mint Mobile is a T-Mobile-powered carrier that offers some of the best rates anywhere -- provided you're willing to prepay for three, six or 12 months at a time.

Xbox One S 1TB Minecraft Starter & Creators Pack Console Bundle for $199.99 (save $100). This rivals some of the other Xbox One bundles that Walmart has been offering, but here you also get $30 in Kohl's Cash -- or $40 if you're able to pad your cart to at least $200. (Here are some sale items starting at just $1.50.) You might even be able to snag this in time for Christmas if in-store pickup is available at your local Kohl's.

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Why sit when you can stand? And then sit again?


A standing-desk riser for $85 with promo code Z9S9SMQV (save $85). Desk-bound all day? Do yourself a favor and stand up once in a while. You can easily go from sitting to standing with this adjustable three-tier riser, which is available in black or brown. This price nets you the 26-inch model. You can use the same code to get the 31.5-inch version for $95. (All the variants are accessible from the same product page.) 

Sinemia gift cards (save 30 percent). At this point I wouldn't wish a MoviePass subscription on my worst enemy, but competitor Sinemia offers a decent way to see movies on the cheap. You can get, for example, a $35 Sinemia gift card for $24.50, or a $75 card for $52.50. 


Get a 20-game PlayStation console for $57.50.

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Sony PlayStation Classic for $57.50 (save $42.50). Preloaded with 20 games, this retro console debuted earlier this year to mixed reviews -- including Jeff Bakalar's. But that was based on its $100 price tag. Perhaps at 42 percent, its flaws are easier to forgive? In any case, make sure to click the Power Deal button (and be signed into your MassGenie account) to score this deal.

Chromecast Audio for $15 (save $20). It's back! The Chromecast Audio is a little dongle that makes "dumb" speakers smart -- after a fashion. It brings music streaming to older stereos and speakers that lack wireless capabilities and supports Sonos-style multiroom audio. Read CNET's Chromecast Audio review to learn more.

Delay, Don't Deny paperback or Kindle edition for $4.33 (save $12.66). This is a personal recommendation, and something I plan to talk more about in 2019 when CNET dives into health and wellness. The short version: I've been doing intermittent fasting ("IF") for over four months. I've lost weight. I've saved money. And I love the philosophy of this book, which normally sells for around $15. If you have even the slightest interest in learning more, I highly recommend it.

OK, friends, that's it! Thanks for being so awesome in 2018.

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