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Know Your Cat's Health and Breed and Save $40 on Basepaws Cat DNA Testing

See what secrets your cat is hiding and for way less than usual.

A bengal kitten lies a couch indoors and looks at the camera.
Purple Collar Pet Photography / Getty Images

Cats are full of mysteries. Especially when you adopt them. Don't get me wrong, adoption is wonderful. But it can be frustrating not to receive a lot of information about your new pet. Your kitty may have health conditions or nutritional needs you may not know about. Or maybe you just can't figure out what breed they are. Basepaws is here to help give you genetic insight on your furry friend.

Basepaws is an at-home DNA test kit that can help you dig up the dirt on your mysterious companion. It provides results for over 115 known feline genetic markers -- 65 markers for genetic health conditions and 50 markers for traits. All you need to do is provide a sample of your cat's saliva and fur using the kit Basepaws sends you. You'll then receive a full report providing you information on your cat's breed, general health, dental health and trait markers. The company will even send you recommendations for at-home care treatments. You can save $40 on a DNA kit now using the code PRIMETIME at checkout. But hurry: This offer only lasts until July 17.

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