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Keep Your Skin Protected With 20% Off SPF at Bluemercury Today

Support healthier skin this summer with sunscreen for less.

Three different sunscreens on an orange background

Sunscreen has always been crucial for maintaining healthy skin. You should wear sunscreen to maintain your skin's health whether you are outside or inside your home (yes, inside too). Through July 12, Bluemercury is running a SPF sale for 20% off using the offer code SPF20 for BlueRewards members.

Becoming a BlueRewards member is easy, all you do is sign up online for free. Once you do you'll be able to shop for popular brands including Supergoop!, EltaMD, Is clinical and more. Not only do you have a wide variety of sunscreen available to you, you also have the option to get sunscreen with SPF as low or as high as you need it. 

When you remove all the out of stock products that's already sold out, you'll have about 155 products that you can shop for. What's great about this sale is that every sunscreen is different. You can get sunscreen in the form of BB creams, body butters, body lotions, concealers and more. Plus, depending on the product you get, you'll also get the added benefit of anti-aging blue light protection brightening, color correcting and firming too.

The only thing you wanna keep in mind is that if you have darker skin, some sunscreens don't blend into the skin as well, and it might leave a white cast. Before you buy any kind of sunscreen you're unfamiliar with, it's best to do some research to figure out which ones will work on your skin, so you look as good as you want to feel. 

For the larger sale, head over to Bluemercury today and take advantage of saving not only your skin, but some money in the process. 

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