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Keep your phone clean enough to eat off of with UV light for 25% off

How clean is your phone? Spoiler alert: not very. Kill almost all the germs with a sanitizer.

It's no secret that your phone is teeming with bacteria. After all, you carry it everywhere, including the restroom. We also know that ultraviolet light (and in particular UV-C light) is the John Wick of exterminating the kind of bacteria you'll find on phones.

In 2020, UV-C radiation has come into the spotlight as a way to kill or render "inactive" the coronavirus on surfaces, along with any other germs, harmful or not. Because of that, UV-C products are popping up left and right to sanitize your phone, keys, face mask and more. None of these devices can 100% protect you from getting COVID-19, but they can offer some peace of mind by reducing the risk, as long as you use them safely. For a deeper dive into the subject, you should read our article on the risks and benefits of using UV light to kill the coronavirus

If you've already decided you want to get a UV sanitizer for yourself, I have some good news. From now through Oct. 25, Cheapskate readers can save 30% on the sanitizers over at Zagg. If you follow the link, the discount should be applied automatically. If you don't see the discount, just use promo code CNET25 at checkout. 

Here are the two sanitizers you can get at a discount right now. Note, however, that Zagg makes no claims regarding the products insofar as COVID-19 is concerned:  


The Invisible Shield UV Sanitizer is sort of like a tanning bed for your phone, blasting whatever you put inside with UV-C light. It's large enough to accommodate any size phone and promises to exterminate 99.9% of staph and E. coli surface bacteria from your phone (or other pocket-size items you place inside) from all directions at once -- no need to flip it over halfway through the treatment. It can simultaneously disinfect something inside the unit while charging another device via its accessory USB-C port. 

Usually $60, get the Invisible Shield UV Sanitizer for $45 right now. If the discount isn't applied automatically, use promo code CNET25 at checkout.


While the Invisible Shield sanitizer has a USB port for charging, Mophie's sanitizer includes 10-watt Qi-compatible wireless charging on the lid. Because it's a UV-C device, it claims to eliminate up to 99.9% of staph and E. coli surface bacteria, and of course you can put your car keys, remote control or other gadgets in there as well. 

It's usually $80, but you can get the Mophie UV Sanitizer for $60 right now. If the discount isn't applied automatically, use promo code CNET25 at checkout.

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