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Get this insane Prime Day trade-in deal: Echo Show 5 for as low as $2.49

Wait, what? It's true: If you're a Prime subscriber with a first-generation Echo to trade in, this is the most amazing deal ever. (Dot and Tap owners can get in on the action, too.)

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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This could be yours for just $2.49. For real!

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Take a look at your trusty old first-generation Echo smart speaker. Would you trade it, plus a mere $2.49, for a brand new Echo Show 5 ? Mull that over while I explain how this limited-time promotion works.

The Echo Show 5 debuted last month at $90 (to glowing reviews), but a surprise Prime Day sale now has it at $50.

Meanwhile, Amazon's Echo Upgrade Program is offering an instant Amazon gift card and an extra 25% off any new Echo device. The first-gen Echo smart speaker is good for an instant $25 gift card, one you can apply to this purchase. The catch: This works only if you're trading in for the first time.


Echo Show 5 madness: I break down the math to your left.

Screenshot by David Katzmaier/CNET

So, here's the math:

  • Echo Show 5 = $49.99 ($89.99 - $40 for Prime subscribers).
  • Minus 25% off from trade-in = $27.49. (Why? Because Amazon is giving you 25% off the full retail price, not the sale price. That equals $22.50 off.)
  • Minus $25 instant gift card = $2.49 total (plus tax, but on the pre-gift card amount).

Once you go through the trade-in procedure (making sure to read all the options carefully), you should should net both the 25% discount and $25 gift card. Then add the Echo Show 5 to your cart and checkout.

A few variables: If you have a first-gen Echo Dot , you get a $5 trade-in credit. An Echo Tap nets you $15. And Amazon will accept a handful of other trade-ins as well (with varying values). You're not limited to buying the Echo Show 5, either; the gift card and discount can be applied to just about any Echo device.

Two CNET editors, myself included, got as far as checkout and did indeed end up with a $2.49 final price (before tax). But because of the variables involved, I feel the need to add, "your mileage may vary."

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