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Improve Your Password Management With 3 Months of Dashlane Premium for Just $1

Now through Aug. 7, new members can try out the premium plan for $1.

Online safety and security checks
James Martin/CNET

We live in the digital age, and it's filled with usernames and passwords that we use to secure our accounts and information. Chances are, you have accounts with personal information on more than just one site, and it could be difficult to keep track of all of that information. That's where Dashlane comes in. From passwords to personal info, Dashlane helps its users protect their data by managing information. Typically $4 a month or $40 a year, new members can now try three months of Dashlane Premium for just $1 using the code CNET3F1.

Dashlane offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for all of its purchases, but it's unlikely you'll leave unsatisfied with the service. I've used it before when managing multiple social media accounts for several businesses in a professional capacity, but I would have it for personal use as well. Dashlane can help you set difficult passwords and keep them stored so you don't have to remember every single one. You don't have to use the same password for different accounts with Dashlane, something you may normally do without any kind of password tool. 

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Dashlane will also automatically fill in your passwords, payments and personal details with one click of a button. You can download the Android or Apple app and have all of the same features on your phone as well as your computer. To add an extra layer of cybersecurity, Dashlane will notify you of any breaches or hacks that may affect you while you're using an account on a certain site. For those who want security along with ease, this tool may be incredibly useful for you. For just $1, why not try it out for three months and see if it helps?

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