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I Snapped Up This Gushable Cookware, Which Is Up to 50% Off for Memorial Day Today

After falling in love with Made In's 3-quart sauce pot, I just bought two more of the premium brand's cookware on Memorial Day sales.

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Jessica Dolcourt
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 Made-In 3-quart saucier

My Made In 3-quart saucier is my gateway to this quality cookware brand.

Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

After eyeing Made In's premium cookware during this Memorial Day sales bonanza all week, I finally snatched up two new pans, including a 12-inch nonstick frying pan for the indoor range that I know will be more comfortable than the current nonstick pans I'm using for tasks like scrambled eggs and searing meatballs (yes, it's perfect for that and mush easier to clean). I also bagged a Made In grill pan designed for open flame that I can already see charring (but containing!) smaller and more delicate items like asparagus, shishito peppers and fish, so they don't trigger a cascade of four-letter words as they inevitably fall through or stick to the grill grate. It's grilling season, after all!

While a couple items are 30% to 50% off (too bad I don't really need a champagne saber...), I still saved enough to justify the investment in my collection on a brand I've been gushing about ever since buying -- and falling in love with -- a 3-quart saucier pot about 18 months ago. With its perfectly scooped-out body and heavenly fitted lid, this particular pot has become my daily driver for caramelizing onions, mashing buttery potatoes, sizzling cayenne-inflected carrots and stirring silky custards. I use it pretty much every day, at least once a day. And that means I want more from a brand I now immensely enjoy.

My Made In pot's thoughtful design elements and polished construction matter to me greatly as someone who cooks nearly every meal and often takes on semi-ridiculous weekend projects like, I don't know, koji-marinated duck confit (delicious) and super eggy cinnamon stick ice cream. Here's why I can't stop gushing about my Made In pot, and why you might like their products, too. And by the way, here are even more Memorial Day deals and sales, and these are the six major shopping days left in the year.

Why Made In's pot won me over this Memorial Day

With two home cooks in my household, our combined cookware collection includes duplicate and triplicate pots, pans, Dutch Ovens, casserole dishes, cast iron slabs and stock pots of nearly every shape and size from venerable brands like All-Clad, Le Creuset, Staub and Tramontina. But none is used as heavily as my 3-quart Made In saucier, which -- like other top brands -- is also five-ply stainless steel.

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Thoughtful design elements and excellent construction are two things that make this pot so awesome. Many of these design elements carry through the line (like to the nonstick frying pan I just bought), but I'll be talking about the one I already use in my kitchen in connection with these Memorial Day sales.

Shape: I initially thought this pot was oversized because it isn't just a circular base with straight sides that tower up (although some other Made In cookware does that). The sides of this particular pot curve out, creating a more bubbly, rounded appearance. That means there's a natural arc for your wooden spoon, offset silicone spatula or whisk to go. Diced onion and garlic doesn't get stuck in the corners and then soldered onto the sides, which I hate. On the contrary, food circulates around the base for a more even cook, the finished product is loads easier to scoop out, and the pan is consequently much easier to clean. A+.

Made In enameled Dutch Oven and seasoned carbon steel frying pan

Also on sale are items like Made In's enameled Dutch Oven and a seasoned carbon steel frying pan, whose curved handle caught my eye.

Made In

Handle: Unlike many other brands, the Made In's signature handle design doesn't protrude straight out the side. On my saucier, there's a short 45-ish-degree stem (I didn't measure the exact angle; sorry) before the handle levels out at about 90 degrees. I don't have a lot of height or strength leverage, so for me, the particular design results in excellent balance, making the pot easy enough and relatively comfortable to maneuver, even when brimming with hot water. It also fits easily into my short-height oven racks. The smooth, rounded handle is also way less biting on bare hands when I'm lifting the pot, compared to my All-Clad, which has a scooped-out handle that always seems to claw into my skin -- although I still like the cook on these pots and pans. (Other Made In designs have different handle shapes, like the curved frying pan pictured above.)

Lid: The stainless brush grain is appealing, but the real treat here is the fit. The bezels are beautifully designed for a tight seal, the lid is slightly domed to collect steam and the lid's handle is solidly attached and ergonomically designed for a comfortable pull when you're checking the mouth-watering contents within.

Construction: Everything about my Made In pot's fabrication feels sturdy, thick (contributing to even and diffuse heating), and up for any challenge. I never have to worry about it, and cleanup is easy with those sloped sides and brushed finish. If hot water, soap and a cheap plastic scraper doesn't do the job, then either plain white vinegar, baking soda or Bar Keeper's Friend will (separately, not together).

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