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Hydrow's Wave Rower Is About to Get $200 More Expensive, Grab One Before the Increase

Order yours before Oct. 3 if you're hoping to grab one at the current price of $1,495.

Hydrow Wave
The Hydrow Wave is the perfect machine for smaller spaces.
Giselle Castro-Sloboda/ CNET

While they're not quite as popular as treadmills or exercise bikes, rowing machines are a great way to get a full-body workout in, and are an excellent pick for any home gym setup. We named the Hydrow Wave -- the more compact version of the top-rated Hydrow rower -- the best rowing machine for small spaces in 2022, and you have just a few days left to pick one up before the price jumps. On Oct. 3, Hydrow will increase the price of its Wave rower by $200, bringing the starting price up to $1,695. If you're hoping to get your hands on one for the current price of $1,495, be sure to get your order in before then. 

The Hydrow Wave is a great piece of equipment for any home gym, especially when conserving space is a top priority. It allows you to target your back, core, arms, and legs, as well as work on your cardio -- all with a footprint of just 1,520 square inches. It's equipped with a 16-inch full HD touchscreen display so you can easily keep an eye on your speed, distance, time and more, or choose from over 4,000 guided workouts with a $39 monthly All-Access membership. It has many of the same features as the full-size Hydrow rower for $1,000 less, including electromagnetic drag technology so you can fine-tune your workouts. It also folds upright to help save some serious space when it's not in use, but you'll need the $190 vertical anchor, which requires some drilling to install.

Hydrow also has the $1,560 Wave Essentials package, which includes a machine mat, and the $1,895 Wave Works package, which also adds a pair of Jaybird Vista earbuds, a heart-rate monitor, a foam roller, yoga blocks and resistance bands. Both of these packages will increase by $200 on Oct. 3 as well. 

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