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Headspace: Get tools for mindfulness, meditation and more for just $5 a month

Invest in your mental well-being without breaking the bank. Headspace is offering monthly or annual subscription plans for up to 60% off for a very limited time.


A Headspace subscription will give you access to hundreds of exercises for mindfulness, meditation, sleep, focus and more. You can listen to sessions on your phone, tablet or computer, and if you're on-the-go, there's even options to download the sessions to use offline. Headspace sends new meditation videos to you each day and has a library of inspirational videos to get you motivated. The app focuses on helping people learn to manage stress and anxiety and be more engaged in the moment.

A yearly subscription usually runs you $70, but right now that's 50% off, bringing the annual rate to just $35. The $13 monthly plan is 60% off ($5 per month) and will be its steepest discount of the year. Take advantage of the savings -- and mindfulness -- while you can. This offer is available now through Monday, Dec. 6.