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Headphone deal: Jaybird Tarah sports earbuds for $30

You can pick up these Jaybird sports earbuds for $70 off for a limited time at Best Buy.

Sarah Tew/CNET

True-wireless earbuds are all the rage, but if you're willing to buy a wireless Bluetooth headphone with a cord between the buds, the Jaybird Tarah is getting blown out at Best Buy for a good price. It's $30, or $70 off its list price for a limited time. It typically sells for around $50-$60 and first became available in late 2018.

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I've used it and it's a quality wireless sports headphone that's fully waterproof, with IPX7 certification, meaning it can be fully submerged in shallow water for a short period of time. It really stays in your ears securely, thanks to the integrated sports fins and it fit my ears better than the step-up Tarah Pro. Battery life is rated at six hours, which isn't great, but it's an hour more than the AirPods' battery life. 

Jaybird's true wireless model, the Vista, is also on sale, but the discount is only modest. Amazon has the white version for $160, or $20 off.

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