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Grab Fleur & Bee's Beginner-Friendly Retinol Moisturizer for $35

Youth Fairy introduces retinol to your skin care routine on a budget.

Close up for Fleur & Bee's retinol moisturizer Youth Fairy in a dark brown container with a rose colored top

Fleur & Bee dropped a new moisturizer using retinol to help smooth out fine lines that naturally come with aging. This new product, Youth Fairy, is currently on Amazon and Fleur & Bee's website for $35.

When you compare Fleur & Bee in price to other brands I like, such as Glam Glow, it's couple of dollars cheaper depending on the product. But it's more expensive than Byoma, which stays under $20. Fleur & Bee's prices are right in the middle range that still makes it affordable to shop for with plenty of options for aging skin.

If you need a brightening and hydrating cream, grab Fleur & Bee's Creme de la Cream. If you need a hydration and anti-aging moisturizer, then H2 Oh Yeah is your go-to. But if you need a beginner-friendly retinol moisturizer, then Youth Fairy is the night cream for you.

Since Youth Fairy uses small amounts of retinol, I think it's a nice introduction to it with just 0.03% of it in the cream. For comparison, some products such as Paula's Choice uses 1% retinol. When I used it for several days, I had no issues with it on my skin. Not only did it go on easily, it also dried without leaving my skin greasy or weighed down, which is what I expect from this brand. While longevity is key to results when using skin care, as a first impression its does a job on my dry skin.

So how do you use this cream? Well, Youth Fairy is suited for the night time because of retinol, which can improve your skin from wrinkles, fine lines and hyperpigmentation. However, if you want to use this cream in the morning, you have to make sure to use a strong SPF. 

If you like Fleur & Bee or would like to try Youth Fairy, similar to this brand's other products, this one is good and will fit into your skin care routine just fine.