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Grab a Refurbished iPhone 11 Starting at a Surprisingly Low $340

Have your choice of colors and capacity during this limited-time sale at Woot.

The iPhone 11 on a yellow background

Buying a new iPhone 11 from Apple will set you back at least $500, but for those who aren't fussy about minor scratches and dents, buying a refurbished phone can be just as good for a lot less. This sale at Woot, which only lasts today, is offering iPhone 11 for prices as low as $340. 

You can have up to 10 of these phones and get them shipped to you fast and free, should you need more than one for some reason. No judgement here.

You can choose a 64GB, 128GB or 256GB iPhone 11 at different prices and colors. A 64GB iPhone is on sale now for $340, and it comes in black, purple, yellow, red or white. For just $40 more, you can have double the flash memory with a 128GB iPhone 11 on sale for $380. 

That's $170 less than what Apple charges for a new iPhone with the same capacity. Apple doesn't even offer a 256GB option but on Woot, a refurbished 256GB iPhone 11 costs $420 today.

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