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Grab a Razer Kishi Controller for Just $55

The price for Razer's iPhone-compatible Kishi game controller just dropped from $100 to $55 on Amazon.

When Razer first introduced its switch-like controller with iPhone compatibility in 2020, it hit the market for a reasonable $100. This controller is now 45% off on Amazon, and gamers on the go can have it for just $55.

The universal controller is compatible with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, Stadia, Amazon Luna, GeForce NOW and Steam Link. You can play popular games like Call of Duty mobile, Fortnite, and Minecraft. The controller connects via lightning and has pass-through charging with most iPhone models.

The Razer Kishi has a design that allows it to be stretched and clamped onto smartphones. It can be collapsed into an ultra-portable square for easy transport. It includes two clickable analog thumb sticks, an eight-way direction pad, two triggers and two bumpers.