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This Ultra-Affordable 11-Inch Asus Chromebook Is Just $99 at Best Buy

Save $120 on this portable and budget-friendly Chromebook that’s built for the web-based basics.

A front/angled side view of an open Chromebook and a top view of a closed Chromebook against a yellow background.

Looking for a versatile and compact budget laptop that can travel anywhere? For under $100, this Asus laptop features Chrome OS, access to thousands of apps, built-in virus protection and cloud backups. Save $120 on this 11-inch Asus Chromebook at Best Buy right now and spend just $99 to get all the basic functions you need to stay connected and productive with this portable 11-inch laptop. There's not a clear-cut expiration on this deal, so you may want to think about acting sooner rather than later, as there's no guaranteeing how long it will be available. 

Featuring an 11.6-inch LED-backlit HD display, an Intel Celeron processor and 32GB storage, this laptop offers all the tools you need for basic daily tasks, including running multiple applications and browser tabs at the same time, as well as watching high-definition video.

And if you're working or studying from home or on the go, the built-in HD webcam and microphone make it easy to video chat with friends or dial in to online conference calls. The compact machine also features a media card reader that supports SD, SDHC and SDXC memory card formats for simple photo transfer. If you're looking for a basic laptop to help you get things done, this is a major bargain.