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Google's Latest Pixel Buds Pro Return to All-Time Low Amazon Price

After being released this summer, the Pixel Buds Pro are $25 off right now.

The Pixel Buds Pro
The Pixel Buds Pro are available for $175 in black and yellow only.
David Carnoy/CNET

The latest premium wireless earbuds seem to be launching with higher prices these days, but I've been telling anybody who complains about the price increases that while they may be due to inflationary pressure, it also leaves more room for discounts. Case in point: the recently released Google Pixel Buds Pro. They retail for $200, or $20 more than their predecessor, but are now on sale for $175 at Amazon in black or yellow. That's a $25 savings and a return to their all-time low price.

As I said in my review, while it's nice that the the Pixel Buds Pro finally have a feature (noise canceling) that a lot of true-wireless earbuds have had for a while, what ultimately sets the Pixel Buds Pro apart and makes them strongly worth considering -- particularly for Android users -- is their distinct design and winning fit. That helps enhance their strong performance on both the sound quality and noise-canceling fronts.

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