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Give yourself the gift of $10 in free Amazon Prime Day money before midnight tonight. Here's how

You have until 11:59 pm PT on June 22 to get the $10 credit. It takes 5 minutes or less.

Amazon Prime Day Promotions for June 2021
Want $10 in free Amazon money? It'll take 5 minutes or less to qualify.
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Amazon Prime Day may be wrapping up for the year, but if you act fast -- by 11:59 pm PT tonight (2:59 a.m. ET) -- you can still get $10 in Amazon credit. In the end, you're getting $50 of Amazon credit for $40. The whole process takes under 5 minutes. The only caveat is you have to be an Amazon Prime member. 

Before we walk you through the process, just know you can buy a $40 gift card for someone else and get the $10 credit for yourself, or you can buy the whole shebang and redeem the gift card for yourself, thereby giving your account an extra $10 for free. Here's the best news: If you happen to have $40 in credit already, say from your Amazon credit card points, you can pay with your $40 gift card using those points. You won't even have to use a credit card. It may take two days for the gift card to process.

How to qualify for $10 in Amazon gift card credit right now

Here's how to do it.

Step 1: Follow this link and make sure you're signed in. Again, you need to be an Amazon Prime member to qualify.

Step 2: Click the yellow button Apply code to your account (if sending to yourself) or add the promo code GCPRIME2021 when you check out if buying a gift card for someone else.

Step 3: Just below the yellow button, click Reload now to apply this to your own gift card balance. If sending as a gift, add a gift card to your cart for checkout.

Step 4: The code will kick in at $40 or above. You'll need to manually enter the amount you want to apply, or select from your options. $100 will be the default number added, so keep an eye out for this if you want to pay less.

Step 5: Click to submit, and triple-check to make sure you see a confirmation. Follow any other prompt as needed, like paying with points if available, or if Amazon asks you to confirm your credit card address, if you're paying with your Amazon credit card. You do not need either to purchase the gift card (e.g. you can pay with a different payment card).

Want more free money? 

If you do nothing else before Prime Day, make sure to sign up for Amazon's Prime Rewards Visa Card. Existing Prime subscribers who do so will receive a $150 (!) Amazon gift card instantly upon approval. What's more, paying for Amazon purchases with that card nets you 5% cash back (6% on Prime Day) -- and sometimes 10% or more for certain products.

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