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Get the SteelBook edition of Blu-rays like World War Z and Wolf of Wall Street for just $11

We've got the bead on six movies finished in SteelBook packaging for $17 or less.


You know about SteelBook, right? It makes special-edition releases of Blu-ray movies that come in steel cases with premium artwork. Yes, steel -- for once, here's a product that is named quite literally. SteelBook releases are a sight to behold; if you're a movie buff and a disc collector, you'll love the heft and uniqueness of the packaging and the care with which it's all put together. In fact, I'm surprised these discs aren't generally pricier. And speaking of which, right now you can claim a handful of SteelBook movie collectibles for up to 65% off when you use the exclusive CNET discount code CNETSTLBK at checkout.

There are six movies here ranging in price from $11 to $17. Using the discount code, every movie is $3 off the existing discount on the site. So Coco, which lists for $48 and is selling for $20 on DailySteals, is just $17 with the code -- 65% off. Here are your choices:

World War Z (Blu-ray/DVD/Digital): $11

The Wolf of Wall Street (Blu-ray/ DVD/Digital): $11

Wonder Woman (4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray): $17

Coco (Blu-ray/ DVD/Digital): $17

Black Panther (Blu-ray/Digital): $17

Iron Man (4K Ultra HD/Blu-ray/Digital): $17 

SteelBooks like these definitively answer the question, "Does anyone even buy discs anymore?" These are beautiful collector's items, and -- perhaps just as importantly -- getting a DVD ensures that you'll see the movie in full resolution as ISPs throttle back bandwidth to deal with so many people sheltering at home. 

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