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Get Stylish MVMT Blue Light Glasses for 20% Off Today

This Memorial Day sale on blue-light blocking glasses will net you stylish glasses to protect your eyes.

Close up of a pair of everscroll blue light glasses

Endless screen time causes a strain on your eyes and can lead to itchiness, discomfort, headaches and beyond. If you want to avoid these possible health hazards, a pair of blue-light blocking glasses could offer some protection.

MVMT is back with a Memorial Day sale for anyone interested snagging a pair of blue light glasses. Starting today, all Everscroll and Goldshield glasses are 20% off using the code BYEBLUE20 through May 30.

There are about 20 different choices available in the Everscroll category. Each Everscroll is either rectangular or oval in shape -- some are cat's eye, and other rims are geometric.

There's a wide variety of color options available so you should find something you like. Everscroll glasses start at $44 (when you add the discount), and you shouldn't spend more than $78 on a single set, even at the highest end of the price range. You can expect each pair of Everscroll glasses to provide 100% coverage against UV rays.

Goldshield glasses similarly have UV coverage and color variety, but these glasses have a different style with gold lenses. You'll find fewer options in this category, but they look just as fashionable as the Everscroll glasses, especially at night. Plus, all Goldshield glasses are brand-new arrivals.

You can get these glasses for men and women. But with Father's Day around the corner, you might want to grab something for the hardworking dad who needs to protect his eyes.

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