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Get a Free Stranger Things Fanny Pack When You Buy 2 Mac Products

Celebrate the final season of the hit show with Mac's vibrant makeup.

The Stranger Things Void Palette next to a pink Stranger Things lip tint
Mac Cosmetics

Part one of the final season of Stranger Things returns May 27. And while the series is coming to an end, there are still ways to show off your love for the series. Right now, anyone who buys two or more Mac x Stranger Things products, will automatically receive a free fanny pack inspired by Hawkins High.  

It's not certain when this deal will come to an end, but it could be next week. There are a lot of things available during this offer worth picking up as a Strangers Things and makeup fan. For $31, you can get a striking eye shadow palette inspired by Hawkins Class of 1986. But, if you're willing to go against the grain and don the colors of the void, then this $45 set is for you. Makeup brushes, blush and lip tints are also included in the collection. It's a good idea to stock up while you can, because this Mac and Stranger Things pairing is one of a kind. 

If you'd prefer to get your Mac Cosmetics from other retailers, you can also grab this collection at Target and Ulta Beauty. It just depends on the kind of deal you want. At Mac Cosmetics, you can spend under $65 to get the fanny pack, and everything is available. At Target, you have to spend $65 to get the deal but some items, such as the Void eye palette, aren't available. At Ulta Beauty, the product selection similar to Mac Cosmetics, but you'll get the bag with a $65 purchase and a Mac Love Me lipstick duo for $12 (save $28) when you add it to the cart.

If you're interested in wearing Stranger Things makeup get it while you can at Mac Cosmetics or any of these retailers.  

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