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Get a 3-Year Subscription for Online Classes on Music Theory, Production, Mixing and More

For just $99 you can snag an all-access pass to e-learning classes covering everything you need to know about producing music.


Interested in music production? You can learn everything you need to know to realize your dreams from your own home with a Punkademic subscription. With access to all of Punkademic's lessons and professors, you'll be able to get a university-level education in classes covering music production, music theory, sound design, mixing and more for a fraction of the cost. Right now at StackSocial you can get a whopping get a whopping 86% off the cost of an all-access, three-year subscription to the Punkademic Music e-learning platform, meaning you'll get over 1,000 hours of content for just $99. Just note this offer ends March 16

Membership to Punkademic gives you access to Ableton Certified trainers and courses such as FL Studio, Pro Tools, Drum Programming Techniques, Recording and many more, with automatic access to new classes, which roll out every month. Most instructors are currently or have formerly been university professors, but with Punkademic, these teachers and content creators get paid directly from your membership, cutting out the middle man and the need for expensive student loans.

You'll also get over 1,000 hours of video content, access to private student communities on Discord and Facebook, a 24-hour response time to questions from professors and many other benefits.