Get $9 off Madden NFL 20 at Amazon and Walmart

For PS4 or Xbox One.

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Matt Elliott
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Yes, it's the dog days of August, but NFL football is back: The preseason kicked off last night with the Broncos edging out the Falcons at the annual Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio. But more importantly, Tuesday, Aug. 6 is Madden Release Day. That's when  EA 's Madden NFL 20 becomes available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. 

The new version of the hugely popular football game comes complete with updated team rosters and player ratings for the upcoming NFL season, including stars on new teams and rookies from the NFL Draft. The game lets you play with Odell Beckham on the Cleveland Browns, Antonio Brown on the Oakland Raiders and Le'Veon Bell on the New York Jets. Plus, the game lets you see how rookie QBs Kyler Murray and Dwayne Haskins translate to the pro game and how rookie linebackers Devin White and Josh Allen are at chasing down big-league ball carriers. 

As with past releases, Madden 20 retails for $60. But Amazon and Walmart are already selling the game at a discount: Just $50.94, which is a savings of about $9. Shipping is free; the game should arrive as early as Monday or Tuesday from Amazon (for Prime members), and as early as Tuesday from Walmart (no membership required).

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Walmart's site annoyingly requires you to enter a name and email address in order to add the discounted item to your cart, even when you're already logged in: "Because our price for this item is below the manufacturer's minimum advertised price, they require us to collect your name and email address before we can show it to you -- don't worry, this will not opt you into Walmart emails. You can remove the item from your cart at any time." Thankfully, entering nonsense info worked fine for us.

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