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Get 20% Off Pacifica Beauty All Memorial Day Weekend

This budget-friendly vegan skin care brand ranges from fragrances to sunscreen -- all you need for nicer skin.

Closeup of Pacifica Beauty's sun care lineup
Pacifica Beauty

Need a new quality brand to try? Or maybe you're looking for simple skin care? Pacifica is running a Friends & Family sale this Memorial Day weekend sitewide for 20% off using the offer code FAM20. All shoppers will be able to nab skin care sets and individual skin care items, including serums, moisturizers, face wash and other essentials for a balanced skin care routine. 

Skin care products aren't the only items you can shop for: Pacifica also makes sun care, makeup, hair care, fragrance and body care products. It also has vegan-based products that aren't tested on animals -- and in my experience the quality of its products is the same as any other brand. 

Starting with the reusable eye and smile line patches, I found them to be a fun way to apply serums. The eye mask was better for my skin care needs. The smile line patches were fine as a concept, but they didn't stay on long. The brow and lip line masks, on the other hand, were very nice. Both of these stayed on my skin just fine. And with long-term use, I'd love to see how my skin looks using these regularly. 

The vegan skin care line I tried was mild, nonirritating and enjoyable to use. Also, the packaging was beautiful and everything smelled wonderful. The scent is what I would characterize as a light cream fragrance, which sticks out among numerous flowery notes and clean "unscented" skin care lines I've tried. I think that Pacifica taking this approach with its fragrance will appeal to a lot of people who want products that smell good but aren't based on fruit or flowers. Plus, the line is extremely affordable with products often in the $20 range. 

Want to try out Pacifica Beauty or stock up? Hop over to Pacifica Beauty's website through May 31.