Gaming deals: NBA Live 19 for $4, Titanfall 2 for $5, Red Dead Redemption for $10, GTA V for $20 and more

The game discounts keep on coming.

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If you're a gamer into (slightly) older games, it's a pretty great week. We've been collecting some of the week's best deals here. Among the ones still available:

NBA Live 19 All-Star Edition for $4: The digital version of this basketballer is down to an insane four bucks.

Grand Theft Auto V for $20: Yes, this game has been around forever. But the online expansions keep things fresh. 

Titanfall 2 for $5-$7: This fun mech shooter -- a prequel of sorts to Apex Legends -- is again deeply discounted.

Red Dead Redemption for $13: The Xbox One-enhanced version of the original open-world Western is on sale at Walmart.

$20 off Red Dead Redemption 2: One of 2018's top games is 33 percent off.

Xbox digital games for $10 and under: Pick up Star Wars Battlefront and Metro titles for as little as $5.

Nintendo's "Mario Day" sale: Get a Switch with one of five Mario games for $30 off, now through March 16. (The Best Buy and Walmart deals are now actually better than they were earlier in the week.)

Details and direct buying links are below. The only "catch" here is that many of these games are in disc format, not digital (unless otherwise noted). 

Disclaimer: CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of products featured on this page. 

Originally published March 11.

Update, March 16: Verified all deals still active. 

Updates, March 14: Adds NBA Live; notes RDR went from $11 to $13 at Walmart. Verified other deals are still active and available. March 12: Dropped Call of Duty WWII because it's no longer discounted; GTA V deal added. 

NBA Live 19 All-Star Edition for $4-$6

OK, the latest installment of the NBA Live series didn't really blow anyone away. But at just four to six bucks for the digital version, it's an easy lay-up. And this includes recent like all-star uniforms and "Ultimate Team Packs," too.

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Grand Theft Auto V for $20

It's hard to believe most gamers don't yet own this 2013 open-world classic from Rockstar Games. But hey -- some people have never seen Star Wars either. Yes, you can still play through the amazing single-player story, but this "Premium Online Edition" includes a million bucks of in-game currency to jumpstart the online experience, which is always growing and changing with modes like Smugglers' Run and the Doomsday Heist. All for $20 -- about $10 off what you'd normally pay at Best Buy (albeit only about a buck less than Amazon's usual price).

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Titanfall 2 for $5-$8

Why should you care about this 2016 mech shooter? Well, it's 1) really fun and 2) set in the same universe as the new free-to-play multiplayer smash hit Apex Legends. Unlike Apex, this one is a solo campaign. My only complaint was that the game was a tad short -- but at this price, that's not even a quibble. For whatever reason, the PS4 disc version seems to go for $7, while it's $5 for the Xbox One. However, the digital version is $7.49 on both consoles.

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Red Dead Redemption for $13

Red Dead Redemption 2 (see below) was released last year to nearly universal praise. But that game is actually a prequel to this 2010 original, which is an amazing open-world Western, too. The Xbox 360 version of that game was rolled into a "Game of the Year" edition a year later with nice graphical enhancements for the Xbox One. (Sorry, PS4 owners -- no backwards compatibility bites, sometimes.) It's $13 at Walmart, up from $11 earlier in the week. 

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Red Dead Redemption 2 for $40

2018's game of the year awards were largely a toss-up between RDR2 and God of War. And while this game can descend into plodding repetition, it's still mesmerizing fans with its deep single-player game and evolving (if controversial) multiplayer. This one will set you back $40, but that's one-third off the list price for a game that's not even five months old. 

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Editors' note: Grand Theft Auto and the Red Dead Redemption games are published by Take Two Interactive. That company's CEO, Strauss Zelnick, is currently serving as interim chairman of the board of CBS, CNET's parent company.