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Express Yourself With J.Crew Factory Summer Styles for Up to 50% Off

You'll find work clothes, loungewear and everything in between during this sale.

A pair of blue floral lace up shoes and a blue floral men's shirt side by side
J.Crew Factory

Hot weather and warm clothes aren't a fun combination. So, if you're looking for new, airy clothes for hanging outside, you can get up to 50% off select clearance styles at J.Crew Factory. Plus, you'll get an extra 20% off orders of $100 or more when you sign up for an account on J.Crew Factory and use the offer code PERKALERT at checkout. 

This sale has over 600 clothing items available, with the bulk in women's and men's clothing. Prices start at $7 for select socks, and $20 for women's and men's shirts. The most expensive pieces are suit jackets, heavier coats, boots and shoes. The most you'll spend on an item is $200, but that's before the discount. 

Some of the newer apparel on sale during this deal are floral dresses, such as this tie-back maxi dress for $75. You can also get a women's short-sleeve knit pajama set for $35. Men can get flip-flops for $25, graphic tees and work shirts such as this Tattersall flex Oxford shirt for $40. There's a lot more you can shop for, including kids' clothing, so head over to J.Crew Factory through May 24 to get all new clothes for the summer.