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Get $30 Off Ember's Metallic-Colored 10-Ounce Smart Mug at Amazon

Always a good gift item, the swanky metallic version of Ember's 10-ounce mug is now $120 with a CNET-exclusive 20%-off code.

4 Ember mugs in an array of metallic colors
The metallic versions of the 10-ounce Temperature Control Smart Mug 2 aren't cheap, but at least you can save $30 on one right now.

We've written a lot of about Ember Temperature Control Mugs here on CNET and often note how pricey they are compared to a standard insulated mug and how rarely they're discounted. But some people don't like drinking through a lid with a hole in it and love how Ember mugs allow you to drink beverages as you normally would while keeping them piping hot. Alas, due to tariffs and inflation, the price for Ember smart mugs has gone up over the years and now the 10-ounce version retails for $130 while the cooler-looking metallic versions jump to $150. However, with the CNET-exclusive code 20EMBER4CNET, you can get $30 off the gold, copper, rose gold and stainless steel colors -- so $10 less than the standard black and white colors. The code is good through Aug. 29. 

When you take it off its charging coaster, this 10-ounce model offers up to 90 minutes battery life and you can control the temperature via the Ember app for iOS and Android (the Mug connects via Bluetooth to your device). You can also track your caffeine consumption and upgrade the mug's firmware.

Ember recently released the smaller 6-ounce Ember Cup ($100). That model is "ideal for espresso-based drinks such as cappuccinos, cortados and flat whites," Ember says, although it can also be used for other beverages such as tea, according to the company. There's also a 14-ounce Ember Mug ($150 -- black and white colors) that sometimes goes on sale for $10 to $20 off. Some people prefer the larger 14-ounce model, but the copper metallic and rose gold versions of that retail for $180

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