Dyson's $500 Corrale straightener is a cordless, luxury styling machine

Dyson just announced the Corrale straightener, which uses flexible plates to precisely straighten strands of hair. It's also cordless and very expensive.

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Dyson just announced its third hair care product, the Dyson Corrale, at announcement at a Dyson store in Paris. It's a the company's first hair straightener, aimed at minimizing hair damage and maximizing results.

Let's start with what happens when you straighten your hair. The heat from your straightener breaks the hydrogren bonds in your hair. Then, tension and compression from the straightener's metal plates reshapes those bonds. Dyson's Corrale is designed to apply that heat, tension and compression in a way that is both precise and less damaging than a traditional straightener. 

That precision is going to cost you. The Dyson Corrale goes on sale today for $499. That's not out of line with the high prices of Dyson's other haircare products, the $500 Airwrap styler and $400 Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. Now that we've got science and sticker shock out of the way, here's what we know about the Dyson Corrale so far. 

Watch this: Dyson unveils the new Corrale hair straightener

It's cordless

For decades, we've been tethered to the nearest outlet while styling our hair. No more, says Dyson. The Corrale is cordless. Powered by a four-cell lithium-ion battery, it charges on a charging dock with a magnetic cable.

It takes 70 minutes to recharge the Dyson, and you can connect the charger while straightening, as well. There is also a Corrale Pro model with a longer cord being the only difference. It's aimed at salon stylists who might use the styler for hours at a time and need a lengthy cord to work. 

Dyson estimates you'll get 30 to 40 minutes of use out of a single charge. An airplane mode of sorts called "flight mode" ensures the device meets air travel standards for packing in cabin luggage. 

Flexible plates

Traditional hair straighteners use flat ironing plates, solid pieces of metal that don't move or adjust. The Corrale's centerpiece is a set of flexible plates, comprised of 15 microhinged segments. Each manganese-copper alloy plate is machined to 65 microns (the width of a human hair) and is tourmaline edged for an ionizing effect that reduces static. 

The plates are designed to gather hair instead of flattening it and splaying it out like a traditional solid plate. That means you'll get more control and a more accurate result with fewer straightening passes. As the plates adapt to the hair, they apply tension more evenly and keep strands in place. Dyson says that attention to detail will result in less reliance on heat and a 50% reduction in hair damage. 


Super-precise heat settings

The Dyson Corrale has three heat settings: 330 degrees Fahrenheit, 365 F and 410 F.  Like the Supersonic and the Airwrap, the Corrale uses Dyson's Intelligent Heat Control, a platinum sensor that measures temperature 100 times per second. The sensor communicates with a microprocessor that controls the heating system to make sure your straightener stays at the selected temperature.  

The Dyson Corrale comes in Iron/Fuchsia and Black/Purple finishes, and is available beginning today via Dyson's website and partner retailers with an MSRP of $500.

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