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Do dishes in the sink of the future: Install a touch-activated faucet for $58

Save 36% on the dual-mode Gappo Touch Kitchen Faucet with an extendable sprayer.


No one enjoys doing dishes, but doing them in the right sink can make the chore a lot more bearable. If your faucet doesn't have dual modes (stream and spray), a pull-out extendable head, and tap-to-start touch activation, then perhaps you might want to upgrade. Gappo's Touch Kitchen Faucet does all that and is on sale right now for just $58. That's 36% off the usual price of $90. To get the special price, you need to clip the coupon on the product page and apply promo code KPWBWPEV at checkout.

The faucet looks like a typical kitchen faucet; it has a long inverted-U neck that has a rocker switch near the head to toggle between stream or spray. The head also pulls out, giving you an extendable hose to reach any corner of your sink. But the signature feature here is the touch activation -- you can tap anywhere on the faucet from tip to stern to start and stop the water flow. That's not just cool -- it's functional.

Despite the high-tech flourish, it's no harder to install than any standard faucet, and in fact it can easily be done DIY. The only real difference is the battery pack -- it is powered by four AAs -- which you need to position under the sink.

I'm highly tempted to grab one of these myself, especially since it's priced at just $58. But I need to make up my mind quickly since the deal expires at midnight tonight. After that, the price returns to $90.

One last (kinda weird) note: The product page says that the faucet can't be delivered to my location (which happens to be Los Angeles). I have verified that it's deliverable to a number of other locations, so I suspect the location in question might be California. Just be aware that for some reason, you might see the same restriction. 

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