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Cyber Monday 2021: The best router deals we've seen

Need a new router? Cyber Monday has arrived, and we're already seeing plenty of decent deals on worthy upgrade picks.

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Black Friday is behind us, but Cyber Monday is here -- and the deals are flying fast. That includes some intriguing deals on a variety of different routers, including multipoint mesh routers that can extend your network's range, Wi-Fi 6 routers capable of faster, more efficient transmissions and even cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6E routers that can transmit in the newly unlocked 6GHz band.

We've been tracking deals like those all week, so bookmark this post if you're in need of some new networking hardware. When a new deal goes live, we'll update our list to include it and let you know if we think it's worth considering.

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Got it? Good. Let's get to the deals.

Deals live now


The Linksys Atlas Max mesh router supports Wi-Fi 6E, and Linksys is currently offering a three-pack for $800, which is $400 off the regular sale price -- and $200 less than the best price we saw on Black Friday. For the money, you're getting three separate Wi-Fi 6E networking devices capable of relaying traffic throughout your home on the 2.4, 5 and 6GHz bands. The latter of those is ultrawide and free from interference from previous-gen devices, due to the fact that the Federal Communications Commission only voted to open it up for unlicensed Wi-Fi use last year.

Just keep in mind that it's still very early for Wi-Fi 6E, so it might be a year or so before you've got multiple devices in your home that are even capable of connecting to that fancy 6GHz band. But still, if you're an early adopter, $400 off is pretty tempting.

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If you're looking for a bargain on a router that supports Wi-Fi 6, the TP-Link Archer AX21 is priced well to begin with, retailing for just $100. Right now, Amazon has it listed for $25 off, bringing the cost down to $75.

That's a steal for this router, which outperformed other entry-level Wi-Fi 6 routers from names like Asus and Netgear in my speed tests, including ones that cost well over $100. You'll probably want something a little bit more powerful if your home is blessed with gigabit speeds, but for the rest of us, this router is a fully capable Wi-Fi 6 upgrade that won't break the bank one bit.

One more note: The Archer AX21 is on sale at Walmart, too, but the price is a few dollars better on Amazon and at Newegg.


Want something a bit faster than that entry-level AX1800 model? The Archer AX50 is on sale, too -- it steps the speeds up to an AX3000 build capable of topping out at around 2,400Mbps (2.4Gbps) on the 5GHz band. It's usually $150, but right now, Amazon has it marked down to $115, which saves you $35.


It was a little overpriced at its full retail cost of $300, but you can currently get the Netgear Nighthawk AX5200 Wi-Fi 6 router for half off at Best Buy, which brings it right down into the sweet spot. At $150, you aren't spending much more than you would for an entry-level Wi-Fi 6 router, and with the dual-band, AX5200 build, this model has more oomph and support for faster speeds than routers like those. How fast? Try 3Gbps, good enough to transfer data at triple-gig speeds.