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Save 30% on the Gadget Wine Snobs Are Obsessed With

Coravin's preservation system allows you to taste wine without uncorking the bottle and it's down near an all-time low price.

The Coravin system is a favorite among serious wine folk. 

Enjoying wine doesn't require much in the way of gear or gadgets, but there is one piece of hardware that most serious imbibers, collectors and industry professionals agree is worth having. Coravin's wine preservation system allows you to pour from any bottle without uncorking it, so you can drink however much you want, whenever you want, without risking the wine inside going bad. The Coravin Timeless typically retails for $179 to $200, but it's currently on sale, down to $125 on Overstock (the price is only shown after you've added it to your cart).

So how does it work? The Coravin uses a fine needle to puncture the cork, allowing you to pour wine from the bottle without actually opening it. The mechanism also pressurizes the bottle with argon, an inert gas used in the wine-making process, to prevent oxidation of the remaining wine. This frees you to move from wine to wine without fear of it spoiling for several months.

Coravin also makes another preservation system called the Pivot that retails for about $119. Worth noting that this model does not pierce the cork (the cork must be removed) and will only allow you to preserve a bottle for four weeks or so. It's handy, to be certain, but not nearly as versatile as the above system, which allows you to pour and preserve an unlimited number of bottles for months or even years.   

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