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Comic-Con 2019: Pack this gear to survive the madness on the show floor

San Diego Comic-Con is amazing, and overwhelming. Here's a list of stuff that can ease your stress.

Plan ahead so you don't end up turning into the Hulk. 
Tania González/CNET

Comic-Con can be an amazing experience, but it can also be overwhelming and exhausting. Here are some handy goods you can grab online and toss in your suitcase to help ensure you have a great time at this year's SDCC -- and stay healthy and (relatively) rested. And be sure to read these indispensable insider tips on how to have your best con yet. 

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You'll always want a big bag to store your swag, collectibles, bottled water, snacks, phone and anything else you need. This bag designed like a cartoon is a great fit for Comic-Con adventures. 


If you want to try your hand at cosplay, you're going to need a sewing kit to make-last minute repairs and costume fixes. You also may end up popular with other cosplayers in search of a needle and thread.

At Comic-Con, you never know if you'll get enough sleep. A comfy sleep mask will help send you off to dreamland even if your hotel roommate decides to keep the lights on to read comics.


Whether you're indoors walking from booth to booth, or looking for the coolest pop-up experience outside, you'll want to wear comfy shoes. Go one step further and use cushioned shoe inserts to guarantee your feet are happy. 


And while we're talking feet, walking around for hours on end can be murder on them, so comfy, cushioned socks can go a long way. These actually pull moisture away from the skin. 

Spills are going to happen -- especially when you're surrounded by fellow fans who might be a bit klutzy when transporting plates of nachos across a crowded convention floor. These laundry wipes help clear up any stains on your clothes.

If you buy any original art or posters at Comic-Con, this poster roll tube is perfect for keeping your masterpieces from ripping or getting bent. It's also a great storage container for flyers and small collectibles. 


This Star Wars journal is great place to write down which panels you want to attend and which collectibles you want to grab. There's also an inside pocket to store any business cards you pick up.


You might not have much time to stop and eat at Comic-Con, so pack some snacks and toss them in a reusable, environment-friendly silicone storage bags. The bags are also good for storing non-edible items you might pick up, like pens, collectible magnets, small toys and gaming dice.


Working up a thirst while wandering from booth to booth doesn't mean you have to go through your weight in plastic bottles. Try these Collapsible Silicone Water Bottles to store not just water but whatever you prefer to guzzle. The bottles are rollable and foldable for easy clip-on and storage.

Sarah Tew/CNET

If you want to take lots of selfies, check in with friends, and live-tweet, you'll want a battery pack for when you can't find an outlet. Among those recommended by CNET reviewers is the Hub Mini, which has integrated Lightning and Micro-USB cables and is compact and easily fits in a pocket. 


Germs are everywhere at conventions. So unless you're hoping to catch a virus that will give you superpowers, take along some of these hand sanitizer wipes to be on the safe side.

Loud booth and screaming fans who've spotted a celebrity could lead to a whopper of a headache. Have quick pain relief like ibuprofen handy so you don't go to the dark side. 

Diff Eyewear

You might not be able to spot any secret Skrulls in the Comic-Con crowd wearing these Captain Marvel-colored aviator sunglasses outside, but you sure will look cool. 


You never know who you'll meet at Comic-Con. So bring along an ample amount of breath mints and be sure to pop one once in awhile before striking up a conversation with a fellow comic book geek.


It's way too hot at Comic-Con to wear Star Wars Stormtrooper armor, but you can still remind people you're loyal to the Empire by tossing all your swag in this backpack. 


Convention halls can often be be stuffy, hot and humid. Put some travel deodorant in your bag and use it to freshen up any time you hit the bathroom. Everyone will thank you.

Originally published July 3.

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