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Cult-favorite Bob Kramer knives are as much as 45% off right now -- sale ends today

Major deals on these beautiful blades.

Sur La Table

Bob Kramer knives are considered by many to be the best in the world. And right now, his collection at Sur La Table (made in collaboration with Zwilling J.A. Henckels) is on major discount, but only for today.

Bob Kramer is often referred to as the greatest American knifesmith working today and his blades have earned full cult status with giants of the food world slinging them in kitchens and singing their praises. Just this past November, in fact, Anthony Bourdain's Bob Kramer knife earned an astounding $230,000 at auction. They also happen to be one of the most talked-about kitchen tools on our food and cooking sister site Chowhound.

Kramer's blades are known for their ultra-strong Damascus steel with mesmerizing blade patterns and elegant handles made from rare or exotic woods. While these aren't Kramer originals (there is an extremely long waiting list for those made by Kramer himself), the iconic bladesmith joined forces with another renowned knife producer, Zwilling J.A. Henckels, to create an exquisite line of carbon steel knives made by hand in Seki City, the ancient Japanese capital of knife-making.

Some of these knives from the Kramer line are currently marked down as much as 45%, but only through today. Check out a few of our top picks for the limited Bob Kramer knife sale on now.

Sur La Table

This handsome set includes five of the most important knives, plus a sharpening steel. They're all displayed on an elegant magnetic easel block because -- let's face it -- you're going to want people ogling these beauties. The unique storage system also helps to prevent moisture from causing rust on the blades.

Sur La Table

If you're going to put money behind one knife in your set, it should probably be the chef's knife: a true kitchen workhorse. This big guy from the Kramer collection has an SG2 super-steel core for a razor-sharp, lasting edge and the blade features deep-etched chevron Damascas designs by Bob Kramer himself. It's available in a 6-, 8- or 10-inch blade.

Sur La Table

This knife is made from strong carbon steel and heat-treated to a hardness of 61 on the Rockwell scale, so it stays sharp with less maintenance. The African Blackwood handle is crafted carefully to fit comfortably in your palm.

Sur La Table

Boasting incredibly sharp edges that stay that way, this unique knife combines a Japanese aesthetic with Western blade shape for excellent performance. Each blade is forged from FC61 steel and clad in 100 layers of nickel and stainless Damascus.