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NutriBullet Black Friday sale: Save 25% sitewide on blenders (Update: Sale expired)

Save a heap on the entire line of NutriBullet blenders right now.


Black Friday kitchen sales are starting to roll out faster than Netflix original programming, and we've got the codes to prove it. Right now, Nutribullet's entire line of blenders and juicers (new!) is 25% off for Black Friday when you drop our exclusive promo code CNET25 at checkout. 

That means you can score one of the brand's signature push-top NutriBullet personal blender for $45 (down from $60) or the amped-up NutriBullet Pro for $68 (normally $90). While the NutriBullet personal blenders may be the brand's calling card  -- you know, the ones you can blend in, pop a drinking top on and head out the door -- there's also a powerful full-size, 1,200-watt blender to consider, along with this small blender and food processor combo and NutriBullet's latest addition: two high-powered juicers

For new parents, the brand even makes a decidedly adorable but precariously named baby blender with six storage cups and freezer tray for food prep purposes. All of these handy countertop devices are also 25% off with the special code CNET25. NutriBullet will also ship any US order over $65 for free.