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GameStop Black Friday deals on Xbox One and PS4 are still available -- at Target, Walmart and Best Buy, too

GameStop deals started on Sunday -- but the same hardware bundles are widely available elsewhere, too.

GameStop/Screenshot by CNET

GameStop's Black Friday sale is already up and running. The game retailer is effectively offering the same baseline $199 PS4 and Xbox One deals as every other big store under the sun -- and those same sales are already available at Walmart, Best Buy and Target -- and probably other retailers, too.  

So with that caveat -- basically "these deals are great, but widely available elsewhere" -- here are the highlights. Note that: 

  • Sale prices are available now, unless otherwise indicated and are in effect until Monday, Nov. 26 while supplies last.
  • CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured below.

PlayStation 4 

As noted above, the same (great) 1TB PS4 + Spider-Man bundle for $199 is sold out at GameStop and most online retailers, but Target says it may still be available in store on Black Friday. Hit the link to check nearby stores.

GameStop is also offering the PSVR bundle for $249 ($100 off): the PSVR helmet, two Move controllers, the PlayStation camera, Creed: Rise to Glory and Superhot. Again, this one is widely available nearly everywhere, too.

As for titles, it's a pretty nice selection of PS4 games at good prices -- but you should check these versus other retailers, as well as the ongoing digital sale at the online PlayStation Store (God of War is $8 cheaper there, for instance). Some notable recommendations (all PS4 exclusives):

Xbox One

GameStop/Screenshot by CNET

The Xbox story is much the same. GameStop is offering the same 1TB Xbox One S Minecraft bundle for $199 that is available at nearly every other retailer. 

Want the step-up Xbox One X instead? It costs twice as much, but it offers full 4K gaming and 4K Blu-ray support (the latter of which you won't find on the PS4 Pro). Weirdly, GameStop doesn't seem to have the $400 ($100 off) standalone version of the Xbox One X, but you can find that at Walmart and elsewhere as of today.

But it (and most other retailers) have the One X bundled with brand-new titles for just $30 more, including Fallout 76. And GameStop touts an additional $50 gift card for those who buy in stores.

As for the Xbox One games that GameStop is advertising -- they seem far less appealing than their PS4 equivalents, for this reason: All 4 titles highlighted in the GameStop circular -- PUBG, Sea of Thieves, Forza Horizon 4 and State of Decay 2 -- are available on the "all you can eat" Xbox Game Pass service, which Microsoft is offering to new users for $1 a month (to start) between now and the end of the year. If you have a fast internet connection, that's the way to go. At least start with that to sample them, and then pay full price if you really fall in love with a particular title.

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'30 percent off whatever you can stuff into the $5 bag'

Weirdly, the Nintendo Switch is completely absent from the GameStop ad, so we want to make sure you know you can buy the Switch with Mario Kart 8 bundled in at no extra charge at many other retailers later in the Black Friday week.


Yes, really.

GameStop/Screenshot by CNET

Instead, GameStop is offering an oddball promo: You can get 30 percent off whatever "stuff" (with plenty of caveats) you can cram into a tote bag. Oh, and you need to spend $5 on the bag, to boot. Personally, it doesn't look particularly fun to me -- but you do you.

Originally published Nov. 13. Updated Nov. 18 with comparisons to newly available deals at Walmart and elsewhere.

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