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Best Amazon Prime Day 2019 deals on tabletop games: Game of Thrones, Star Wars Armada, Catan

Great deals on Pandemic, Dead of Winter and many other analog adventures video gamers will love.


Sometimes you just need to switch off the screen and fight your space battles or escape hordes of zombies the old-fashioned way -- with plastic miniatures on a tabletop map. Board games are undergoing a huge renaissance right now, and Amazon clearly recognizes this, as it added a selection of excellent games to its Prime Day sale

You don't even have to go completely tech-free, as many of these games have companion apps that handle some of the setup for you.  

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Time Stories is a well-reviewed sci-fi/horror game, where temporal agents beam themselves into different scenarios to fix your standard end-of-everything timeline problems. If you get hooked, there are a lot of expansions to buy later. 

Sweet Star Wars ship miniatures are featured in this giant tactical game. This core set includes a bunch of great-looking capital ships and fighters, and if you get hooked, there are a ton of other ship expansion packs you can buy. Originally $99, the game is currently discounted to $54.39.

Dan Ackerman/CNET

Better than Fallout '76. This minis and hex maps game works great solo or with multiple players, and is more strategic than action-packed, but still keep an eye out for those Super Mutants. The game retails for $60 and is currently discounted to $39.

Is GOT still a thing? Especially if you're more into the Game of Thrones books than the TV series, this tabletop game will appeal, as it's based on the literary license, not the TV one. That means no recognizable actor art, and the return of the missing "A" in the title. Be sure to set aside some time, as games usually take about three hours to play. The game normally sells for $60 and is $33.24 as of this writing.

This is one I'm definitely buying for myself, for whatever that's worth. These strategic hack-and-slash zombie games have a half-dozen versions set in both modern and fantasy settings (and an upcoming sci-fi version), and this time, you've got humans and orcs teaming up against zombies, for a Resident Evil meets Lord of the Rings vibe. The game is normally $75 and is $52 as of this writing.

Dan Ackerman/CNET

If you're going to buy one giant tabletop game, make it this one, one of my all-time favorites. A Lovecraftian haunted house mystery, with tons of cool-looking miniatures. 

If you're looking for even more tabletop action, check out these other Prime Day board game deals. 

Catan series

Pandemic series

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