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This 4-slice toaster is just $30 and won't burn your gluten-free bread

Plus, an Emerald 4-quart air fryer is down to $30 at Best Buy.


Can you think of the most passive-aggressive thing you've ever said while waiting for someone's toast to finish? That's the problem with trying to make a two-slice toaster work for a whole house of toast-loving people. Avoid future bread-based drama with this shiny new Bella four-slice toaster, currently down to just $30 (down from $70) for today only at Best Buy. The Bella toaster has a handy anti-jam function, six darkness settings and even a gluten-free preset to toast often-dense gluten-free bread longer and at a lower temperature, so it heats without burning on the outside.

From coils to super convection: Best Buy also has a well-rated 4.2-quart Emerald air fryer down to $30 (originally $60) also for today only. With an air fryer, you can make some of the crispiest fries, wings and other snacks without any oil. Drop in your favorite seafood too, like shrimp or scallops with a dusting of Cajun spice, for a perfect, fast summer snack.